Over the past several years, our team has been actively involved in the sale and development of lands across the vast expanse of Texas. We take pride in the significant strides we’ve made, contributing to great improvements in various regions. Our commitment to excellence in land development has yielded noteworthy results, and we are delighted to share the achievements that have marked our journey. For a more detailed overview of our portfolio and the milestones we’ve reached, feel free to explore and download the Notes portfolio. We look forward to continuing our legacy of successful land transactions and development projects.

Alexander Acres

Situated on 40.13 acres at Ivy Switch Rd, Luling, TX 78648, this expansive land offers a versatile canvas for various purposes. Its strategic location ensures proximity to local establishments, making it an ideal choice for potential residential, agricultural, or commercial development. Enjoy the tranquility of a spacious property while still being conveniently close to essential amenities, presenting an enticing opportunity for those seeking a harmonious blend of rural and urban living.

Avery Acres

Discover the serenity of 309.99 acres at CR 465, Coupland, Texas 78615, where tranquility meets expansive landscapes. This remarkable parcel of land not only provides a vast canvas for potential development but also promises a peaceful haven for those seeking a quiet place to call home.

Green Acres

Experience the charm of Green Acres with 49.577 acres situated at CR 487, Thrall, TX 76578. This expansive property not only invites potential development but also serves as a tranquil retreat for those yearning for a peaceful abode

Hillside at Coupland

Introducing Hillside at Coupland, a picturesque property nestled at 301 Country Road 461, Coupland, Texas 78615, spanning 0.445 acres. With its peaceful ambiance, captivating scenery, and ample space, this property becomes an alluring retreat, perfect for those seeking a seamless blend of nature and residential living.

Oak Grove Acres

Welcome to Oak Grove Acres, an inviting property situated at 900 CR 223, Florence, TX 76527, graced by the presence of majestic oak trees. Spanning across a generous expanse, this delightful parcel encompasses natural beauty and potential development opportunities.

Oaks at Berry Creek

Oaks at Berry Creek, located at FM 970, Florence, Texas 76527, boasting a vast expanse of 185.81 acres surrounded by a picturesque neighborhood. This expansive property offers a harmonious blend of natural beauty and potential development. Nestled close to establishments, Oaks at Berry Creek is an ideal retreat, providing a perfect balance of serene surroundings and proximity to amenities. Enjoy the tranquility of oak-covered landscapes within a welcoming community at this distinctive property.

San Gabriel Estates

San Gabriel Estates is an expansive property spanning 77.46 acres located at County Road 100, Georgetown, TX 78626 in Williamson County.Embrace the beauty of this impressive estate, surrounded by the charm of the San Gabriel River. With its generous acreage, this property presents an ideal canvas for potential development. Enjoy the serene ambiance and natural surroundings of San Gabriel Estates, making it a distinctive and inviting retreat in the heart of Williamson County.


Waterloo Ranch is situated at FM 619, Thrall, TX, encompassing a vast expanse of 87.26 acres. Boasting an exceptional location, this land holds immense potential for both business and family endeavors. Its strategic position makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a harmonious blend of commercial opportunities and a welcoming environment for family life. The versatility of this property, combined with its expansive acreage, highlights its attractiveness as a valuable investment that caters to diverse interests and aspirations.

Boulder Lane

Boulder Lane is a splendid property located in Dale, Texas, spanning an impressive 192 acres. Positioned in a prime location, Boulder Lane proves to be an ideal choice for those seeking a perfect blend of family living or vacation retreat. The expansive acreage offers versatility for various purposes, making it an attractive investment for those envisioning a serene family home or a relaxing vacation house. The strategic and picturesque setting of Boulder Lane further enhances its appeal, providing an excellent opportunity for both residential comfort and leisurely getaways.

Buckhorn Acres

Buckhorn Acres isan expansive 95.56-acre property situated at 14609 Buckhorn Cemetery Road in Moody. It offers tremendous potential for various uses. Its strategic location makes Buckhorn Acres an excellent choice for those seeking a blend of tranquility and versatility. Whether envisioning a family estate or considering potential development, the property’s generous acreage and prime setting create a promising canvas. The captivating allure of Buckhorn Acres presents an opportunity for a diverse range of endeavors in this picturesque corner of Moody.

Jeddo Road Ranchettes

A serene expanse of 44.4 acres is located at 1790 Jeddo Road in Smithville, TX.  Jeddo Road Ranchettes is idyllic property serves as a peaceful haven, offering an ideal setting for family vacations and business ventures alike. Embrace the tranquility of Jeddo Road Ranchettes, where the vast acreage provides ample space for various purposes, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a quiet and versatile place to call home.

Taylor Ranchette

Introducing Taylor Ranchette, an expansive property spanning 140.5 acres located at 181 County Road 423 in Thrall, Texas. This generous expanse offers a tranquil retreat, making it an ideal location for both family living and potential business ventures. Embrace the spaciousness of Taylor Ranchette, where the vast acreage provides versatility for a variety of purposes, presenting an excellent opportunity for those seeking a serene and adaptable space in the heart of Thrall.

Lockhart Acres

Welcome to Lockhart Acres, an expansive property situated at Old McMahan Road and Cattlemans Row, boasting a vast 224.66 acres. This substantial piece of land provides a secure and welcoming environment, making it an ideal choice for both family residence and business endeavors. Embrace the safety and versatility that Lockhart Acres offers, where the considerable acreage opens doors to various opportunities. Discover the perfect balance for family living and business ventures within the spacious and secure confines of Lockhart Acres.

Granger Acres

Explore Granger Acres, an expansive 81.65-acre property located at County Road 320 in Granger, TX. Nestled in one of the best locations in Granger, this substantial piece of land offers abundant possibilities. Whether considering it for family living or potential business use, Granger Acres provides a prime location that adds to its appeal. Discover the immense potential and favorable location that make Granger Acres an ideal choice for those seeking a versatile and well-situated property in the heart of Granger.

Willow Haven

Welcome to Willow Haven, a sprawling 70-acre property located at Yountg Lane in Lockhart, TX. This prime piece of land is strategically positioned close to cities and nearby establishments, enhancing its accessibility and convenience. Willow Haven offers a perfect blend of spaciousness and proximity to urban amenities, making it an excellent choice for a variety of purposes. Whether you envision it as a serene residential retreat or a potential business venture, Willow Haven provides a desirable location that adds to its allure. Explore the possibilities and convenience that come with Willow Haven’s strategic position in Lockhart.

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